Protected: Prediction for 17/01/14

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Protected: My Prediction

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Dear Donkey

Dear donkey   I do not want to call you by your real name, so I can use the pet name that I gave you, which is donkey.   You wrote to me because of this blog. You came to me for help and advice. I have to be honest with you right now, the read more »

Positive Thinking (Mancunian Style)

I love Manchester I have come to the conclusion that my beloved Manchester is a Bipolar proof City. By this I mean that sometimes it’s a really fantastically happy place to live or a really depressing place to live.  Maybe the way Manchester works can reflect my current moods? I strongly believe that if I did not read more »

My Depression

  The following post is a very general summary of how depression in bipolar has controlled my life. Please be aware that these words are my own thoughts and personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and experiences of all bipolar sufferers. For more information on this website please read the “about the blog” page Everybody gets depressed. There are times in our read more »

M is for Mania, Madness and Mischief

I suppose one of the reason’s I talk about my mania so much is because it’s easier to discuss it. Everybody likes a good story about funny things that happen. Talking about the miserable lows can be uncomfortable and distressing for both me and the reader.  The other reason I talk about the mania so much is because when read more »

Ghosts, Cameras and Manic Monsters

This will probably shock lots of people who know me personally (or maybe it wont). I have an unusual Hobby. I operate Ghost hunts! Yes just like the ones you see on the TV show “Ghost Hunters”. I do around 8 per year depending on finances and numbers. The hunts are NOTHING like the TV read more »

5 Things I have bought while in Mania_Excessive spending

One of the more common behavioural issues while manic is excessive spending. In some cases illusions of grandeur can be a bit of a problem. The two combined together can lead to expensive shopping trips but with no limits. I am quite lucky that I can generally afford my spending sprees up to a limit, however now and again I read more »

The First Stages Of Bipolar Diagnosis

The plan was to update this blog daily. I was meant to give my readers a day to day account of what’s going on in my life and so on . . . . The problem is that at the moment I’m going through a period of relative calm. Very rare I might add but read more »

Life in the Mental Hospital

A Day In The Mental Hospital or more politically correctly known as a Psychiatric hospital or even a mental health hospital.  I actually refer to it as the Headcase Hotel where the clientele are often challenging. So really we are talking about Butlin’s holiday camp only with lithium instead of candy floss, white coats* instead of red and the entertainment is usually more enjoyable read more »

Dealing With Tragedy When Bipolar

Being bipolar means you can be depressed for no particular reason anyway. So when real tragedy or a dramatic even happens in life, dealing with it can become a real test for me, my family and mental health workers. So in this blog today im going to draw on a few life experiences and try to explain how I coped read more »

Just Nipped To Benidorm

About 9 years ago I worked for a Bank in central Manchester. I went through a manic episode which isn’t the best from of mind to be working in a bank. One lunchtime I decided that I didn’t want the pack up that was sat in my desk draw so I decided to go to Gregg’s read more »

5 Things About Me And My Bipolar

This my first post. I wanted my first post to be all signing all dancing and really dramatic but the problem is that everything pretty boring at the moment. Im laid on my bed coming to the end of a series of operations. My son is watching his 20th episode of Fireman Sam on TV and its raining outside. So all is well read more »